Russell Clepper is a performing singer songwriter with the Muse & eye, a country/folk duo. His partner is vocalist Sarah Dial Primrose. He also performs with Rusty Fender and the Melody Wranglers:


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Rusty Fender and the Melody Wranglers

Alt-country on Whidbey Island! Russell joins with lap steel player (and legendary glass artist) Ro Purser, bassist Ron Rossel and drummer Alan Brown to bring some old country classics and not-so-classics, some tunes by his favorite Texas singer/songwriters and of course, his original songs to the mix. The motley bunch has won raves from country dancers and Russell Clepper fans alike. Check out their Facebook page!





Texas - Winter 2016 
The Muse & eye has lined up a bunch of shows in Texas in February and March to celebrate the birth of Russell's grandson, Jack Oscar, to his daughter Emilie Clepper. Click HERE for our tour schedule.
We will be joined at most shows by guest musicians and friends, including Jimmy George who will be joining Russell for a Clepper George reunion show! PLUS...Emilie will sit in with us at the Hill's Cafe in Austin for a special Clepper Family show. 

New songs! Please check out the Muse & eye's Reverbnation page.

 We just came back from a short Texas tour with an unexpected addition to our luggage: about 50 copies of an impromptu CD we made at Mike Phelan's house in San Antonio. Titled "Never Go Anywhere," it was completed in three different sessions as we stopped there while crisscrossing the state. Mike did a great job of adding bass, percussion, guitar and sometimes other tracks in-between our visits. 




2013 Newsletter Up on Muse & eye Reverbnation Blog

 If you are not on our email list, you can find out about this year's highlights, next year's projects and other news in the blog section of the Muse & eye's Reverbnation site.




 Muse & eye completes NE/Quebec Tour

 Sarah and I swept through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Quebec this past October. The shows in Quebec were particulary memorable and it was a great pleasure to spend time with our respective families both there and in New York.


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Monday, September 10 2012 


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"Redwood", 1st CD by the Muse & eye was released last March. 

The Muse & eye has been an official, gigging duo for more than a year now. That's me and Sarah Dial Primrose, my partner in life and music.  We now have a website on Reverbnation. Click to find more information, including our show schedule, recordings and more.



Russell on the road.

Russell Clepper is a singer/songwriter, born and bred in Texas, but who is now living in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island near Seattle.  He moved there to be with the love of his life,Sarah Dial Primrose, longtime Northwest resident, artist and businesswoman.
Russell has performed all over Texas and in many other states solo and with other musical artists.  Most recently he collaborated with Jimmy George of Austin, Texas in the acclaimed Clepper George duo. Earlier, in San Antonio, he founded the Trebelmakers with Mike Phelan.  His cousin Mo Pair has often contributed to both those projects.
Emilie Clepper is Russell's singer/songwriter daughter, who has had much success and critical acclaim in her native Quebec City where Russell lived for 17 years. 
For more information, visit his Myspace page and view his EPK at

Son of a Farmer (2000)
Texas Lullabye, Clepper and Jimmy George

"Redwood", The Muse & eye (with Sarah Dial Primrose), March 2012

Someplace Like Heaven (2002)

Broken Sandollars, Clepper Jimmy George 


Texas Blend - the Treblemakers
with Mike Phelan (2002)

Holiday Music, Clepper and Jimmy George


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